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Tagcure PLUS - Skin Tag Removal Device

Tagcure PLUS - Skin Tag Removal Device

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Think it's unremovable? Think again!  

Remove Those Unwanted Skin Tags In 3 Easy Steps!


Unlike other skin tag removal remedies that have a very low success rate, Tagcure's uniquely designed band application device allows you to simply place a very small, specially designed band over your skin tag creating a lack of blood flow to the tag, eventually causing it to fall off...for good!

    • PERMANENT RESULTS! - Tagcure's design stops the flow of blood to your skin tag, ensuring when it falls off, it stays off!
    • NON-INVASIVE - Tagcure is a safe, non-invasive method of removing your unwanted skin tags.
    • DRUG FREE - Tagcure is all natural, so no need for any drugs, medication, lotions or potions!
    • SIMPLE TO USE - It couldn't be easier! Just follow Tagcure's 3 easy steps and you'll be skin tag free in no time!
    • VERIFIED BY CUSTOMERS - We think we have a pretty good thing going here, but you don't have to take our word for it, see what our customers are saying!

    Tagcure Device Kit Contents:

    • 1 x Tagcure PLUS
    • 10 x Tagcure PLUS Bands
    • 1 x Tagcure PLUS Band Adjuster
    • 10 x Plasters
    • 10 x Cleansing Swabs
    • 1 x Instructions Manual

    Suitable for skin tags over 0.5cm in diameter. For smaller Skin tags please see standard Tagcure device.


    How does it work?

    Tagcure enables a uniquely designed band to sit securely over a skin tag, reducing blood flow to the skin tag. The lack of blood flow eventually causes the skin tag to fall off.

    How long will it take to see results?

    Some skin tags will be removed after just a few days of treatment, while others may take a few weeks for complete removal.

    Will the results last?

    Once it has come off it will not come back. The results are permanent.

    Where can it be used?

    The Tagcure device can be used on all external parts of the body. It is not recommended to use the skin tags in and around in the eye area.

    What happens if I have more than 10 skin tags or need a top up of Tagcure bands?

    You can purchase the Tagcure Complete which includes a Top Up Pack  or purchase it separately.

    (Top Up Pack contains 20 Tagcure Bands, 20 Tagcure Cleaning Swabs & 20 Plasters)

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