Are you a drop-shipper?

We currently offer a dropshipping service for all of our items, shipping accross the UK (currently UK only)

You benefit from wholesale pricing per unit and a flat rate of pick, pack and shipping (postage) charge per order of £3.03 EX VAT (£3.64 INCLUDING VAT) (max 3 items per order to the same address)* to make things simple.
*If an order has more than 3 items to the same address in it, the shipping charge per extra item is £0.50 per item EX VAT (£0.60 INCLUDING VAT)
All orders are sent on a UK EVRI Courier service with a tracking number which will automarically upload onto your website or store back end once the order is shipped. All orders received before 12 midday on weekdays are shipped the same day. Orders received after midday are shipped the next working day (Mon- Fri)

Call: (+44)121 552 0683

Whatsapp +447746906938

Note: At this time we are not accepting drop shipping for amazon orders. Drop shippers must have their own website, shopify, ebay or other third party portal which they are dropshipping from and our system can link to, in order to receive orders.

Dropshipping from an independent website or tiktok shop? Contact us for flexible rates. (Account must be generating 25+ sales per day)


1. Seller is responsible for listing the items manually

2. SKU's (Stock Keeping Unit) must match the MWW website SKU.

3. The system gets integrated to our system called linnworks and inventory levels will sync up with your website, ebay store etc.

4. Seller is responsible for all customer service.

5. We are responsible for sending orders only.

6. All tracking etc if applicable will auto update via the linnworks link to your website, ebay store etc, and goods will auto dispatch.

£500 deposit EX VAT set up cost so your online order system connects to ours and orders come through automatic to our system.
How is the £500 used?
- £100 one off set up cost.
- £150 of the £500 deposit is returned if you ever stop working with us.
- £250 hold as balance for cost of items and pick, pack and shipping costs which means as orders are received we can ship out immediately. As the £250 gets used up we ask for it to be replenished once it gets lower than £50 back to £250 so we can continue sending orders immediately as they sell.
If you are interested, and want to focus on what you are good at (bringing in orders), let us do the rest and takeaway the headache of the costly and timely task of holding stock and shipping.

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