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Maxdona Trendy Lip Stickers - 10 Different Styles!

Maxdona Trendy Lip Stickers - 10 Different Styles!

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Extend Your Fashion To Your Lips With These Amazing Lip Tattoos. Turn your pout into Polka Dot Leopard or Glitter Prints that last through the night. A fashionable line of Temporary Lip Tattoo Appliques.

If you love bright lipstick. You will love temporary lip tattoos. They're like lipstick to the extreme! Please read the directions, which clearly explained how to hold them up to your own lips to measure and then trim them. After ten minutes of arts and crafts, you will have shape that looked (kind of) like your pout. Then, the application process is exactly like putting on a temporary tattoo: Hold them onto your lips, dab the back of the sticker-thing with water, wait 30 seconds and peel. Tada!. WHAT YOU'LL NEED TO APPLY YOU TEMPORARY LIP TATTOO! Scissors, Mirror, Cotton Wool Balls, Water… and your Lip tattoo!. **You must measure and apply the lips with your mouth open to a relaxed "Oh" shape.** Let's begin!! CUT. The bottom and top lip out from the paper, Only cut around the thick outer line to begin with! MEASURE: Line the center of the top lip stencil to your cupid (The Cupid's bow or tubercle is a facial feature where the double curve of a human upper lip is said to resemble the bow of Cupid), and then measure the width and depth of your lip with your mouth open to a wide “Ahh” Shape. Make sure to stay outside your water line. Remember that the edges of your mouth also have a waterline that you need to cut to. CUT: Cut to size using the horizontal and vertical guides on the back of the lips. PEEL: Peel the plastic film off the Temporary lip tattoo. APPLY: Put the sticky side of the tattoo on your lips, making sure to keep your mouth in the wide “Ahh” shape. Soak the paper backing in water using your cotton ball until the paper starts to slide off. SEAL: Seal and smooth the Temporary Lip Tattoo with a generous amount of water using your cotton swab. ** Wait 5 minutes for your lips to fully dry!!!! "VOILA"

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