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Glamza Premium Essential Oils - 100% Pure & Natural

Glamza Premium Essential Oils - 100% Pure & Natural

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Glamza Premium Essential Oils - 100% Pure & Natural

LAVENDER 10ML - A delightful fragrance that reduces stress and creates a warm and welcoming environment. Used with a carrier oil, it helps heal minor burns, cuts, insect bites, bee stings, eczema, dandruff, dry skin, and soothes anxiety.

Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia oil


ORANGE 10ML - A wonderfully uplifting scent when used in diffuser or vaporizer. Used with a carrier oil and as directed, it re energises dull skin and is healing for mouth and gums.

Ingredients: Citrus aurantium dulcis oil


PEPPERMINT 10ML - Can calm indigestion, relieve sinus congestion and headaches, and boost energy levels. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for use with a carrier oil to massage tired, achy muscles.

Ingredients: Mentha piperita oil


EUCALYPTUS 10ML - Used in a diffuser or humidifier, aids the cold and flu sufferer, and a few drops in shampoo or conditioner treats your scalp and fights dandruff.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil

ROSEMARY 10ML - Invigorating, refreshing and stimulating. Used with a carrier oil for massage, it helps to relieve arthritis pain. Its antiseptic properties make it a natural healer, and it is believed to help improve memory.

Ingredients: Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil


ROSEHIP 10ML -  Brimming with omega-3, omega-6, and fatty acids, Rosehip Seed Oil replenishes and repairs skin's surface. Anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce puffiness and redness, while reducing lines and wrinkles. Can be used on a dry scalp to significantly reduce dandruff, flaking and itching.

Ingredients: Rosa rugosa flower oil



In addition to the information above, our Rosehip Oil has no chemicals. Rosehip Oil is pure, effective and easy to use as it replenishes and repairs skin's surface including hair and nails. Especially recommended for those with dry skin, but safe and natural for all skin types.

Rosehips, the vitamin-and-antioxidant-rich fruit of the rose plant, have been used as an essential source of Vitamin C throughout thousands of years. Packed with skin-rejuvenating properties, Rosehip Oil is the natural solution for repairing your skin's surface, restoring elasticity, and protecting against sun and pollution stressors.

Rosehip Oil's anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce puffiness, redness and under-eye swelling, while reducing lines and wrinkles. Its moisturizing and hydrating power can be used on dry scalp, to significantly reduce dandruff and flaking. The essential fatty acids found in Rosehip Oil also fights itchiness due to stress and chemicals in shampoo. Brittle, dry nails are restored by applying Rosehip Oil, giving them renewed strength and healthy shine. Our Rosehip Oil is also ideal for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


Note: They do not come boxed.


  • For use on skin or hair, dilute essential oil in carrier oil and massage in.
  • Essentials oils can also be diluted by mixing a few drops into shampoo, body wash, bath water or cleaning product.
  • Add a few drops to water reservoir of diffuser or humidifier for room aromatherapy use.

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