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Glamza Get Set Smile Veneers

Glamza Get Set Smile Veneers

MOQ 12pcs


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Custom fit your mould to disguise crooked, stained, missing and gapped teeth


x1 Case

x1 Teeth Impression Cover (if needed)

1 x Silicone Mouldable Strip

Instructions - Method 1 of 2: 

  1. Place the silicone mould strip, NOT THE PLASTIC TEETH, into a cup/bowl of boiled water for between 30 to 60 seconds or until the white silicone strip turns clear. This will make the mould flexible and ready to custom fit.
  1. Using a mirror, position the clear mould over your existing teeth. Press the clear silicone impression material with your fingers and thumbs
  1. You can use your own finger nail to imprint the lines of your current teeth into the clear mould or try using the plastic teeth to get an impression. Trial and error approach is needed. A good result will require your time and patience.
  1. Gently ease the teeth out of your mouth after 5 minutes or sometimes longer. It is best to judge yourself as drying and setting times vary. Place them in a glass of cold water to cool or leave to dry naturally. The silicone strip impression material turns white when it hardens and can be remoulded as often as it needed. This will be a trial and error process.
  1. The impression is now moulded to the shape of your teeth and can be used as and when desired, and can click into place.

Instructions - Method 2 of 2.

  1. Place "Silicone Strip" inside the "Plastic Teeth" and place into a cup of hot (almost boiling) water for 1 minute. This will make them flexible and ready to custom fit.
  2. Using a mirror, firmly position the "Plastic Teeth" with "Silicone Mould" inside, over your existing teeth. Press them firmly against your teeth and gently pat the impression material with your thumbs behind your real teeth.
  3. Gently ease the "Plastic Teeth" with "Silicone Strip" out of your mouth and after 30 seconds, set them in a glass of cold water to cool. The impression material turns white when it is hardened.
  4. The impression is now moulded to the shape of your teeth and can be used as and when desired.
  5. Can be remoulded as many times as needed - Best Results Take Time and "Good" Practice


  • For Adult Use Only
  • For Cosmetic Purposes Only.
  • This is a Temporary Solution

Please Note:

The "Silicone Strip" is the veneer that needs to be modelled to your teeth NOT the "Plastic Teeth". The "Plastic Teeth" are just an impression mould. You do not have to you use "Plastic Teeth" mould. If you choose to mould the "Silicone Strip" without using the "Plastic Teeth", The "Silicone Strip" can be moulded to your teeth in the same way a gum shield is. 

2 sets will be needed if you plan to use on both upper and lower teeth.

Choosing to rush and only attempting the technique a few times with a half hearted effort will not give you the result you want, so if you are going to invest your time and money please take your time.

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