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Pore Cleansing Blackhead, Pimple, Zit & Acne Remover

Pore Cleansing Blackhead, Pimple, Zit & Acne Remover

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Pore Cleansing Blackhead, Pimple, Zit & Acne Remover

Blackheads Always Seem to Appear Just When You’re in The Wrong Spot at The Wrong Time, So Make Sure You’re Always Prepared with This Electric Vacuum Facial Cleanser. 

Penetrating Deep Beneath the Skin’s Surface, This Amazing Device Works by Using a Gentle, Deep-Cleansing Suction Function to Help Reduce the Appearance of Skin Blemishes and Impurities. 

It’s Easy to Clean and Operate, Simply Move Gently Over the Affected Area to Help Remove Skin Impurities. 

Lightweight And Easy to Carry, It Fits Perfectly in Your Bag for You to Carry Around with You. Perfect!


Facial Cleanser.

Rose Gold.

Penetrates The Skin’s Surface for Deep Cleaning.

Reduce The Appearance of Skin Blemishes.

Easy To Clean and Operate.

Helps To Remove Skin Impurities.


x1 Blackhead Suction Device

x1 Elliptical Head Has a Large Surface Area and High Absorption.

x1 Large Circular Head Is Great for The Face. Ideal For Blackheads and Hard to See Dirt.

x1 Small Circular Head Is Better for More Areas with More Sensitive Skin. 

x1 Microcrystalline Head Is Great for Daily Skincare Use.

How To Use:

  1. Before Use, Open Up the Pores by Steaming or Bathing.
  1. Switch on The Device and Move Slowly Over the Face or Affected Area. A Slow Smooth Action Will Make It Easier for The Skin to Be Cleansed. If The Blackhead Is Deep, Please Apply Any Creams or Serums Which May Help.
  1. Please Don't Stay in One Place Too Long When Using It in Order to Prevent You from Hurting or Damaging Your Skin.
  1. After Cleaning the Pore You Can Use a Skin Toning Serum or Cream to Minimize the Pore. You Can Use a Face Mask or Cold Water to Wash the Face and Close Up the Pores.


Adult Use Only

Not Suitable If You Have Sensitive Skin.

Batteries Not Included (Requires 2x AA)

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