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Accutest Alcohol Disposable Breathalyser (Twin pack)

Accutest Alcohol Disposable Breathalyser (Twin pack)

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  • NF Breathalysers for France Alcohol Breath Test Twin Pack
  • Blood Test Accurate, Alcohol Breathalyzer Testing Kit
  • Accurate Reliable Results in 4 Minutes EU French Certified European
  • Unique Certified Crystal Formula, Average Expiry Date 2 Years
  • For French Police You Must Carry at Least Two Breathalyzers Included in this Kit

Accutest 2 x Disposable Alcohol Breath Test Kit, Blood Test Accurate Crystals with Results in 4 Minutes. Easy to use one step alcohol test:

Squeeze the middle of the tube between your thumb and finger until you feel the inner casing snap. :

Hold the tube vertically. Take a deep breath and blow firmly into the tube for a ­minimum of 12 seconds. Wait 4 ­minutes:

On a hard flat surface tap the tube 3 times until the powder drops to the bottom of the tube:

Compare the test against our colour scale. You are over the limit if most of the powder turns light aqua (Green/Blue) (Blue/Green).

The Small Print
This test should be used as a guideline only and does not supersede an official police road side test. 
Must be used in accordance with instructions provided as incorrect use may produce unreliable results.
Do not use if the inner case is cracked or damaged or if the crystals are not yellow in colour.
May be hard to read under certain lighting. Best read under white light or in direct sunlight.
Results should not be interpreted by anyone with impaired judgement from alcohol or any other substances, or someone who is colour blind or visually impaired.
Do not swallow the contents. If accidentally ingested seek medical assistance.
Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.
Do not immerse in liquid.Keep out of reach of children and animals.
Each tester is disposable and should be used only once.Blood alcohol levels can continue to rise for several hours after your last drink. Care must be taken during this period even if a negative blood alcohol concentration is indicated.
It can take up to one hour to disperse each unit of alcohol (10ml) contained within the blood and over ten hours for your blood alcohol level to return to an acceptable level after a positive result is indicated. In such circumstances a further test should be carried out.

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